CD Sealants, are primarily involved in the application of joint sealants, we also carry out concrete cutting & repairs, waterproofing and the application of epoxy & water based coatings, offering contractors a complete package.
Our reputation for high quality within the industry has grown over the past 20 years, offering high levels of expertise to a wide and varied customer base.
We are able to offer technical advice & competitive quotations in any of the following areas:-

Industrial / Commercial
Retail Parks, Shopping Centres, Superstores, Hospitals, Industrial Units, Car Parks, Office New Build & Refurbs, Garage Forecourts ...
Public Sector Housing, Housing Association Developments,
Private Developments...
Military & Government Buildings, Historic Listed Buildings, Prisons,
Food Processing Plants, Football Stadiums...
Power Stations, Motorways, Sewage Treatment Plants,
Water Treatment Works, Bridges, Sea Defences...